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Municipal Governance

Organizational Bylaws

When a stranger wanders into a foreign land, the feelings of lost and confusion can overwhelm them. For this exact reason, we have a large inventory of directional threads, placed here to shed light on the bylaws and inner workings of Tohozi.

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Executive Headlines

Are you trying to keep up-to-date with the latest news? Want to know what changes are taking place around Tohozi? This board holds official news and updates for everything that affects Tohozi. It also holds questionaires and polls, to gather player inputs on what's working and user insights.

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Sub-boards: Chatter, Pokemon, Arrivals, Departures


This is a place where players can communicate about various topics that do not relate to Pokemon or to their roleplaying adventures. Players are encouraged to pass the time with typical conversations about their interests, habits, and shows that they love to watch.

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Sub-boards: First, Return

Commercial Endorsement

Welcome to the Advertisement Board! Are you looking to exchange affiliate buttons, or your site's personal ad? Want to leave your business card behind, and exchange brochures with each other? Then this is the place for you! Just make sure it fits the ToS and that we can return the favor!

last post in Lost Light Weyr by Harbinger Nov 1, 2019 21:05:19 GMT

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Inception Center

Sub-boards: Accepted, Rejected

Trainer Biographies

Trainer profiles are created and posted within this board. Accepted profiles will be moved to the Accepted Biographies board. All trainer characters must have a creation thread and should only be roleplayed if they are accepted. Please be sure to read all applicable stickies!

last post in Mariana Alexxii (WIP) by popcornkittencat Apr 17, 2019 19:17:30 GMT

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Sub-board: Outlines

Personal Database

Roleplayers are able to make character bins and personal storage threads to track their characters and the various threads they are in. They can also use these threads in order to "keep up" with the Pokemon their trainers' have encountered and/or caught or obtained.

last post in shane's bin by shane Apr 9, 2019 23:33:47 GMT

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Sub-boards: Pokedex, Plotters

Trading Post

The Trading Post in a place where trainers can bring the Pokemon they have caught or obtained, that they no longer want to own. Instead of releasing them back into the wild, trainers are allowed to 'wanted ads' detailing what Pokemon they have up for trade and what Pokemon they are searching for in exchange.

last post in Spencer Delaney PC by Immortal Apr 12, 2019 23:19:50 GMT

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Cultivated Civilizations

Premios Village

Premios Village is a tiny village with roughly 50 inhabitants, give or take. It is famously known for the Professor's lab, which is a small brick building with a wooden front door. Trainers come here to request their Pokemon, or to visit the Pokemon they've left with the professor. (Note, The "(Non-Starter)" Label is used for all threads not related to obtaining your starter.)

last post in Never gonna Grow up (starter) by Spencer Apr 13, 2019 3:25:51 GMT

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Edokhan Town

Edokhan Town is bustling little community full of people. It is most notably known for it's Kangashkan Forest. It is where wild Pokemon, including Kangashkan, come up to the fence line in a small clearing where the citizens can stop and admire them. It is also home to the famous Bug Competitions that happen during the summer.

last post in Edokhan's Annual Bug Competition! [Open] by phantom Apr 18, 2019 20:49:01 GMT

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Sub-board: Pokemon Daycare

Darvallis Hamlet

Darvallis Hamlet is nestled in the midst of the Baltoi Desert, and is settled within a small crater. Darvallis is most notably knopwn for it's Pokemon Daycare, although the entrance to the daycare is often hard to spot (Hidden Board). The Hamlet is also known for it's two ancient pyramids, which are now tourists attractions. The Trick House is located at the northern end, outside of the hamlet's crater.

last post in Itching for a fight (open) by kyoya silverman Mar 8, 2019 21:20:43 GMT

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Viriboris City

Viriboris City is divided in the middle by a thick network of forested trees. There is only one trail through the network of trees cleared out that allows the citizens to travel from one side of the city to the other. The inhabitants of Viriboris City often train their martial arts skills at the Dojo, and love to explore the abandoned mansion that burned down over 50 years ago.

last post in Pokemon Contests! by Immortal Mar 24, 2019 16:17:03 GMT

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Hikostadt City

Hikostadt City is the largest city on the mainland island. Like most large cities, Hikostadt fights its criminal organization, Team Böse, from trying to run and ultimately ruin the vibrant city's reputation. It is also home to the local club, Herb Club, who own a small flower shop. It also has the one of the largest shopping malls in the region.

last post in First stop (catch thread) by Anu Oran Apr 18, 2019 8:08:08 GMT

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Sub-board: Safari Zone

Bodestrand Town

Bodestrand Town borders the beachside on its northern edge and the rainforest on its southern edge. It is a quaint town of an average size. The citizens of Bodestrand love playing sports like Volleyball and Soccer. They have a lighthouse that hosts surfing competitions for trainers and their Pokemon. The entrance into the Pokemon Safari is also located inside of Bodestrand (Hidden Board).

last post in Home sweat home (safari zone thread) by Sora Sorronson Apr 13, 2019 20:22:53 GMT

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Zimadare City

Zimadare is a city located nestled within the Icy Island near the Ubamosno Mountain. The city is an average sized city with places to eat and small attractions such as ice skating, snowblading, and the local movie theater. Zimadare also has a radio tower that hosts the weekly Lotto competitions for contestants to enter for prizes.

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Sub-board: Powerplant

Shokudoges Village

Shokudoges is a small little village in the Marshy Island. The inhabitants of Shokudoges enjoy their laid back, simpler lifestyle with their Pokemon. Most of the inhabitants of the village have interesting and rather cool stories and folk lore that they pass down to each generation. It is also home to an outdated and abandoned powerplant.

last post in Mother Hood Starts Now (catching/training)(mod) [ball] by Abelle Frère Apr 18, 2019 8:05:45 GMT

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Sub-board: Game Room

Phonueki Town

The inhabitants of Phonueki love competition and having fun. They have a game room where citizens will try their luck to try and win different unique prizes. They are also one of the places where Pokemon competitions are held, and competitors come to show what their Pokemon's skills are.

last post in Front Counter by Immortal Feb 16, 2019 14:06:40 GMT

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Gudeplac Hamlet

Gudeplac is a small tight-knit community. They spend most of their time training in different wilderness sports and events, and randomly hold competitions where they allow anyone to join in. They are also home to a train station that carries citizens between Gudeplac and Urbagane city, that has a lot of hidden gems inside.

last post in What's That?! [Event Closed] by Immortal Apr 2, 2019 15:58:34 GMT

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Urbagane City

Urbagane City is located on Rocky Island and is home to some the steel-type Gym. The citizens of Urbagane are usually very hardy people and love to hold races. Urbagane holds swimming, fishing, and racing competitions to see who is the best in each field. They also has a small mall for shopping and social gatherings.

last post in Urbagane by Immortal Sept 17, 2018 1:43:47 GMT

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Sub-board: Tunnel Mines

Volcafeuer Town

The citizens of Volcafeuer have built their homes along the natural ledges. Most of its inhabitants work in the local tunnel mines found in the inactive volcano nearby. Trainers are allowed to explore the tunnel mines and dig for items. They may even come across rare and unique treasures through their digs.

last post in Unearthing Value [JC Troyka's Mine] by phantom Apr 20, 2019 18:29:57 GMT

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Wildland Habitats

Braelome Chaparral

The Chapparal is a mediterranean shrubland habitat. The Braelome Chapparal connects Premios Village with Edokhan Town. The shrubland is home to a scattered network of trees and thick shrubs, as well as a diversity of Pokemon.

last post in Untapped Potential | mod | by Immortal Apr 13, 2019 0:08:26 GMT

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Boltoi Desert

The Baltoi Desert is a hot and arid environment teeming with cactuses and tumbleweeds. Ground type Pokemon typically call this place home. The Desert has large open land with sand dunes and a few canyons within it's region. Buried in it's midst is Darvallis Hamlet. It is bordered by the Touras Meadow on it's western and northern end, and the Koresola Beach on it's eastern end.

last post in A place to start (training/catching tread/mod) by kyoya silverman Apr 17, 2019 23:00:27 GMT

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Touras Meadow

The Touras Meadow is a wide and fragrant grassland full of wild grasses and wild flowers, dashed sporadically with small shrubs and trees. The meadow stretches out past Edokhan Town towards Darvallis Hamlet and the Baltoi Desert.

last post in Well we stick out like sore thumbs (catch/training tread) [ball] by zane zangari Apr 17, 2019 23:02:28 GMT

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Belasom Forest

The Belasom Forest is bordered at it's edges by Viriboris City, Hikostadt City, and Bodestrand town. It is a thick and luscious rainforest, swarming with a diverse network of wild plant life. It is a large and expansive rainforest, with rivers flowing throughout it's domain. A large variety of Pokemon call this place home. It is thought to hold some mystery, as most trainers lose their way in the forest.

last post in an eery air (mod open) by Jullia Tempest Apr 18, 2019 8:01:36 GMT

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Sellibe Lake

Sellibe Lake sits just past Hikostadt City, and it is the largest lake in the Tohozi islands. This lake is impressive and covers over thousand square acres in size. It is home to mostly water type and grass type Pokemon. The lake a popular sight for young couples and families, who like to come and admire it's beauty.

last post in Off to once upon a time (mod) by april Mar 19, 2019 21:49:08 GMT

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Koresola Beach

Koresola Beach runs around the entire border of the mainland island. Therefore, the Koresola Beach borders both the cold, frigid waters of the Lomenian ocean and the warm, fast moving Poliwhirle ocean. Most wayfaring travellers come to Tohozi by boat and enter from the port on Koresola Beach.

last post in Encounters by kenji Apr 18, 2019 0:34:13 GMT

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Ubamosno Mountain

Ubamosno Mountain is locted on Icy Island. It is one of the tallest mountains in the region, with a height of over 20,000 feet. Ubamosno is home to a variety of Pokemon, especially icy type Pokemon, and has several trails to explore. During the winter, it can get as cold as 9 F (-12 C).

last post in Icey Slopes by Royal Joker Apr 4, 2019 2:49:19 GMT

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Lomenian Ocean

The Lomanien Ocean stretches between the Icy Island and the Marshy Island. The waters of the Lomanien ocean tend to be much cooler, with chunks of ice floating around in its depths. It is generally advised to travel in Lomenian Ocean during the summer months, as the winter months tend to be more treacherous.

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Lohtaed Marshes

The Lohtaed Swamps is a wetland surrounded by dense forestry. The swamp habitat has various hammocks of dry land masses that flood over in heavy rainfall. The area enjoys hot, humid springs and summers, with warm, humid autumns and cool winters. The summer and autumn experiences the heaviest levels of rainfall throughout the year.

last post in Swamps and Nights dont mix by Rinko Apr 17, 2019 23:24:08 GMT

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Poliwirle Ocean

The Poliewhirle ocean stretches between the Marshy Island and the Rocky Island. The Poliewhirle oceans are a warm, fast moving ocean current. It is a diverse region teeming life. Travellers are often warned about the ocean's dangerous and often treacherous currents. Within the Poliwhirle ocean in between the two islands are whirlpools that may ensnare lost swimmers.

last post in Perfect spot for research to begin by Professor Isis Amla Apr 18, 2019 0:38:17 GMT

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Ounex Mountains

The Ounex Mountains is an expansive Mediterranean forest jotting across the northern side of the mountain range, and a dry, open arid land mass along the southern side. The mountain range consists of three to four mountains, with steep, sometimes jagged edges, although there is a safer maze-work of tunnels. The Ounex Mountains are located on Rocky Island.

last post in Crash Course (mod) [ball] by Royal Joker Apr 17, 2019 23:34:29 GMT

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Noomelle Volcano

The Noomelle Volcano habitat is an expansive temperate forest wrapped around the based of a usually dormant volcano on Fire Island. The volcano habitat experiences hot, humid spring and summer seasons, with warm autumn and winter seasons. Trainers are advised to be careful when traveling around the volcano because of its dangerous path and wild Pokemon.

last post in Last Chance by Sora Sorronson Apr 17, 2019 23:06:39 GMT

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