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Required Literature

New Player Guide

Important information on how the site operates, such as what the rules and regulations are, are contained within. All members on the site are required to read and understand the posts found within. "I didn't read" is not sufficient excuse for breaking one of Tohozi ToS.

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Central Hub

Social Chatter

The designated "General" board. Members can talk about anything they would like in this board. Feel free to talk about other shows and games you enjoy, or to play forum games with each other.

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Personal Computer

Citizens of Tohozi use their Personal Computers to store the Pokemon that they have caught, that are not currently on their team (or on a Pokemon Job). PC threads are created by a Staff member and attached to the character's profile.

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Character Dropbox

All members must post their new character sheets within this board and wait for their characters to be approved. If your character is not approved, a Staff member will list the things that must be edited in the profile for full approval. Staff create a "Party" thread, detailing the Pokemon in the trainer's current party, and a "Trainer Bag" thread.
Note: You can only post in this board, but cannot reply.

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The City

Sub-board: Berry Gardens

Edokhan Town

What is Edokhan known for? Honestly, not a whole lot. It is home to Professor Sequoia, also known as "Prof. Seck". It is a small little town - known best for it's farm lands. Mareep and Wooloo live alongside their human companions, tilling the lands.

last post in Professor's Lab! by miyuki Jan 6, 2020 23:48:40 GMT

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Sub-board: Game Corner

Viriboris City

Viriboris is a vibrant and bustling city. Located just off the shoreline of the main island. Viriboris is also the leading import and export city for Viriboris, and is known for some of the more exotic Pokemon companions within Tohozi.

last post in My Time to Play by Immortal Jan 14, 2020 20:35:20 GMT

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Sub-board: Tunnel Mines

Hikostadt City

Hikostadt is built in a valley near tall mountain. The citizens of the city are very active. They have several fun sports and outdoor activities - from basketball teams, to skiing during the winter. Their top motto is, "Time spent sitting down, is time wasted."

last post in Treasure Seeking by miyuki Jan 16, 2020 0:05:50 GMT

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Sub-board: Pokemon Day Care

Bodestrand Town

Bodestrand is a small village. They are known for their Pokemon breeders and topnotch research into Pokemon genes. The local Pokemon Daycare studies baby Pokemon.

last post in Into to Bodestrand by Immortal Dec 15, 2019 20:16:18 GMT

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The Wild

Turas Meadow

Although commonly referred to as a "meadow", Turas is a shrub-land. It is wide, open plain with tall grasses and a patchy network of sparse trees. It is known for it's hot, arid weather.

last post in The adventure begins (Mod) by miyuki Jan 20, 2020 7:10:22 GMT

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Hileas Barrens

The Barrens is a vast, deserted wasteland. It is hot and humid, open sand dune. The cacti found growing in the region are often harvested and used for their water contents. The nights came be freezing, as well.

last post in Hileas Post by Immortal Dec 22, 2019 1:26:29 GMT

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Klefair Forest

It is commonly called the "Enchanted Forest". Klafair is known to hold a lot of wonder and mystery within its depths. It is a humid rain-forest with tall evergreen trees and long hanging vines.

last post in On The Hunt [Mod] by blip Jan 14, 2020 19:46:52 GMT

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Time Weaver's Castle

Just outside of Keflair forest, mysterious stone steps float up towards the sky. They each seem to float close to one another - making it possible to climb up the floating stone steps to a castle floating up high in the sky above. But, what lingers up in this mysterious castle above?

last post in What's This? [Mod] by sonya Jan 14, 2020 20:31:22 GMT

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Current Times

Post here if we haven't posted on your site first.

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Yesterday's News

Post here if we have posted on your site first.

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